lördag 17 november 2012


Jag är sedan jag var liten alltid varit ett fan av Liverpool och hittade en TV-serie på Netflix vid namn Being Liverpool där varje avsnitt inleds eller avslutas med en dikt uppläst av Dave Kirby med koppling till Liverpool FC. Läses med fördel med Liverpool dialekt.
From Shankly to Rafa we've followed our team,
Rome to Istanbul we've all lived the dream,
Our journey is long, but our goal stays the same,
To keep for our children, the famous red name.
Wherever we are, wherever we stay,
Be sure the Kopites will sieze the day.
For this is our destiny, our passion and pride,
Liverpool Football Club,
The worlds greatest side.
Och min favorit!
Whenever life gets tiresome
And clouds above are grey
I just simply close me eyes
And slowly drift away
I think about a special place
That’s when the darkness fades
That special place is Anfield
The place where dreams are made
I see the pitch
I hear the Kop
I taste the atmosphere
Flags, banners, sound of old
Which echo down the years
Colours entwine, red and white
With grass of emerald green
A beautiful vision, a sacred place
Filled with hopes and dreams
So many special memories
Elation, joy, tears
Passion, glory, victory, ecstacy
Emotion laced with tears
Yeah, whenever life gets tiresome
I know how to see it through
I simply think of Anfield
A place where dreams come true
För mig återstår en stor dröm att någon gång åka och se dem spela på Anfield.

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